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Small, stylish, fast, magnetic powerbank

Magnetic Powerbank

Slim Elegance

Small body yet has extreme power. These is the main criteria we had while creating Magellu. The more time we spent on refining the details we came to the conclusion that is a product that truly revolutionizes the way we interact with out phones. 


Stunning Power

Magellu is basically an external battery, that in most cases lasts longer than the internal one. It can make a Phone last 3 times more. It charges them to full in 2 hours max, with overcharging protection, in the form of an auto turn-off.

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What People Are Saying of Magellu

"I'm amazed by the design. The slim body really fits in all places. I truly fell in love with this product. Make sure to buy this because it really changes the way you can use your phone for the better!"

"I have three children and life can get tough. I never thought finding this product will change it all. My phone is always ready to call them or just to give it to them for some down time. This product is a miracle!"

"I live in Florida the shipping was surprisingly quick. It was here in 5 days. This is the fastest yet! The package was nice and durable, and the product is what they promised."

"I bought one for my Mom for a birthday. She liked it so much that I had one for my self. Since then I ordered 3 more for my family. Lol, please, someone stop me... :D"

"It literally charges my phone up in an hour and if I take it off it can be reused 3 more times before I need to charge it... What a product really outstanding thank you!"

"This looks so nice. Comes in handy every day. Basically, not a day passes without me using it. I also love the look, especilly on the Green color. So cool."

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Why choose Magellu?


Directed Energy

Magellu is created from highly heat-resistant metals and plastics. This result in directed heat output that is turned into energy with the help of a special converter et the bottom of the powerbank. This means even more power for you!

Feel It


Magellu is capable of charging 3 devices at the same time. Two via wires and one wirelessly. If you have to share your energy you can easily do that. Or just keep it all to yourself via the magnetic wireless connection.

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